Volunteer Reserve Rescue Team (in Estonian Vabatahtlik Reservpäästerühm) is an Estonian non-governmental organization. The organization was established in 2002 in order to support the professional Rescue in case of extensive natural and civilian disasters (e.g. forest fires, oil spills etc), and the Police to find lost people. The main purpose is to provide these organizations with help of volunteers as skilled and organized force.

202 volunteers of different professions are the members of the Team, amongst them are 26 dog-handlers with their specially trained search and rescue (SAR) dogs. Person joining the Team is presumed to have covered the basic training. It involves 40 hour preparation and practice on knowledge, as well as using fire extinction equipment, and 16 hour training of first aid. Additionally, members can choose among different special trainings from psychology to leadership in emergency situations.

Besides being operating reserve, prevention work is another important aspect of the Team`s function. The aim is to raise awareness on fire safety and to instruct different target groups from children to adults how to react in certain critical situations. Training goes from fire extinction to first aid. Again, we have close co-operation with Estonian Rescue Board and regional rescue centers.

Team`s members can choose between 4 specialized groups to have a certain preparation beside the basic training to react on situations. These groups are:
– Rescue group
– Search group
– First aid group
– Logistics group

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